Designing for Users with Disabilities

TEC: Accessible Web Site Design

This website gives you great ways to create web pages for the challenged students. This site gives you valid ideas to help those children that are in need of special services.

Designing for Users with Disabilities

This site is extremely comprehensive for people interested in making the web more user friendly or those with disabilities. Many links are offered here.

Designing More Usable Web Sites

This site is geared toward web designers and developers of authoring tools, but gives a good overall look at things to consider, things that are too often overlooked. The table of contents of each of the three Accessibility Guidelines is worth reading to get an idea of how to accommodate various disabilities on the web.

Assistive Technology for the Disabled Computer User

This is a journal report about what assistive technology is out there for the disabled computer user.

CAST - Center for Applied Special Technology

This site has a lot of information about special education and adaptive technologies. Includes teaching tools, strategies, resources, initiatives and other things.

Disabilities and Computing Program

"Applying universal design concepts to your Web site will make it accessible to all Internet users,including those with disabilities, those with graphics turned off, and everyone using a variety of web browsers and versions (device independence). Site designers and web masters can take advantage of the DCP's free web accessibility review service to assist in maximizing the effectiveness of their sites."

Disabled Users and the Web

This site is a more practical one to approach for making your web site more accessible to users with disabilities. Various disabilities are presented with specific suggestions for making your pages more accessible and how to do it.


This is a good site for anyone interested in assistive technology - how the use of technology can significantly increase opportunities for students with disabilities to meet their potentials.