Updated 2/5/07



Teachers' Page

Storytelling Resources

Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood is "an online journal for professionals working with young children and their families.

American Montessori Consulting has a wealth of information about early childhood, including lesson plans, a newsletter, and information about the Montessori method.

"AVKO is a non-profit, 501(C)3 membership organization that focuses on the development and production of materials and especially techniques to teach reading and spelling, handwriting (manuscript and cursive) and keyboarding. " AVKO stands for audio, visual, kinesthetic, and oral, a multi-sensory approach.

S. Roseman has two pages of links available related to thematic instruction on del.icio.us (an online bookmark storage site).

She also has a page of links for Kindergarten resources.

MarcoPolo has a multitude of resources for classroom teachers.

UNC FPG Child Development Institute has resources for professionals and families with young children.

KidSmart Guide to Technology in Early Learning has pictures and audio to help teachers incorporate technology into their curriculum.

FTC Publishing has resources for selection and use of software in the classroom, especially KidPix and PowerPoint.

McCormick Tribune Center for Early Childhood Leadership at National-Louis University has a myriad of resources about early childhood.

Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY has a page on the value of play in early childhood.

The Grapevine has a wonderful thematic calendar with tons of ideas for teachers.