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About Animation

HyperGraph: Teaching Computer Graphics

Although these materials are designed for college students, the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee has made them available to all.

Glickman's Animation Page

Mr. Glickman was nice enough to put his curriculum up on the Web.

Free Software


This free media authoring tool can help you create your graphics.

Tux Paint

Tux Paint is a free drawing program.


Scratch is a programming language that allows you to create animation, art, simulations, music or stories. Samples are shown in the gallery.


Elements of Art

The elements of art are line, shape, form, color, value, texture and space.

Solstice Moon Illusion

Why does the moon look larger close to the horizon?

Apple Learning Interchange

Here are samples of other types of animation.

The Web Project

You can collaborate online to get help with artwork.

Nintendo Rube Goldberg Animation on YouTube

Students used Maya to do a 3D animation project.

Rotoball 2008 Entry

Tricia Fuglestad discovered her third graders were pretty talented.

Online Resources

Project Draw

Aniboom Shapeshifter

280 Slides

280 Slides allows you to create and save a presentation, but so far doesn't let you upload.

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