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LEGO: the NXT Generation

I created this presentation for ICE 2010. The handout is here.

Lego Education WeDo: Mechanics, Building and Programming for Early Elementary, a column by Jenny Williams   October 29, 2010

 "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof in Klingon.

Lego robotic chess game

Lego Soccer: World Cup 2010 no robotics here, but a fun animation with Afrikaaner announcer. Parents be advised this is a YouTube video.

LEGO Logo movies
Want to see what you can do?

An amazing LEGO printer.

The Ten Best LEGO Videos on Mashable.

Acroname Robotics has a list of LEGO Competitions

NXT Programs
has programs for the NXT Lego system.
has some sample programs that can be written for the NXT 1.0

The Tech Museum in San Jose has some information on robotics in general.

Wikipedia's Information on Logo
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Behavior Construction Kits
Read what Mitch Resnick has to say about Lego Logo. Mitch is a protege of Seymour Papert and is working on Scratch, the next generation of programming languages for kids.

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