Science Links

Introduction to Science

Understanding Science was developed by the University of California Museum of Paleontology and funded by the National Science Foundation.

Science Rules! Mr Guarino created this page for his 5th Grade Science Class.

The Scientific American is now online.

100 Top Science Web Sites


Fox Domestication
See how wild behavior in foxes is changed by humans.

Animal WebQuests

PBS Nature
Use this site to research one animal.

National Wildlife Federation
Find information about squirrels for your squirrel report.

Optical Illusions

Lilac Chaser is made by Jeremy L Hinton and posted on the web site of Michael Bach.


Rader's Cosmo for Kids is one of six web sites created by Andrew Rader Studios.

The Space Place   is created by NASA and available in both English or Spanish

Shadow and Substance has an excellent rendition of the total eclipse of the moon.

The Space Station comes together.


Water Science for Schools is made by the USGS for


Horace Mann was recommended by a member of the AERA-K listserv

VIS Satellite Loops are presently showing Tropical Storm Tomas.



The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Frank Potter's Science Gems
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
All About Turtles Home Page
Sierra Club Environmental Education
Earth Day Network
National Weather Service
Sea and Sky
Journey North
What's It Like Where You Live?
Spiders and Scorpions
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Science Daily Magazine -- Your link to the latest research news
Energy Quest

Butterfly Links

the butterfly collection at the field museum
The Butterfly WebSite
The Butterfly Conservatory, American Museum of Natural History
Welcome to Fermilab Butterflies!
Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House & Education Center
Art and Linda's Home Page

Internet Projects

Top Ten LInC Projects
Yukon Quest Student Home Page
Global SchoolNet Foundation's Global Schoolhouse

Updated 2/14/11.
Linda Wallin