Internet Projects

Make the Link Learning Standards Benchmark Grid This looks like a great site for IL standards and activities.

Brookfield Zoo has curriculum for teachers. Click on Education, Schools and Other Groups, and Educational Resources.

Virtual Architecture's Web Home includes examples of curriculum-based educational telecomputing projects and resources that are related to the ideas shared in the book.

Working the Web for Education
Tom March discusses the use of the WWW in the classroom.

Teaching for Transfer

Motivation and Transfer in Language Learning
Transfer and motivation play important roles in learning. Transfer is the application of prior knowledge to new learning situations. Motivation determines the extent of the learner's active involvement and attitude toward learning.

This technology project has students create a play with knowledge about the Titanic.

Teaching and transfer between Math and other subjects.

Teaching for Transfer Across the Arts Project (TTAAP)
is a website with a excellent explanation of teaching for transfer. The site gives research samples, timelines and history.

Skills Transfer Research is a summary of a book written on a research project done in this learning style.

Ten Tools for Teaching for Transfer
These ideas are drawn from How to Teach for Transfer by Robin Fogarty, David Perkins, and John Barell, Palatine, Illinois: Skylight Publishing, 1992.

Differentiated Curriculum This site has a good definition of differentiated curriculum and some other tips to use in the classroom.

Questioning Techniques for gifted students Regular Classroom PracticesGo to number 24. This is also a good source of other sites for differentiated curriculum. This site has questioning techniques to use to with gifted students.

Problem-based Learning

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy: Center for Problem-Based Learning (CPBL)
Features the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Center for Problem-Based Learning in Aurora, IL. Defines problem-based learning as an instructional approach that develops problem solving strategies, disciplinary knowledge bases, and skills.

Problem-Based Learning (PBL)
Features Problem Based Learning (PBL), a tutorial guide for teachers and students that is based on problem solving to enhance learning. Provides information on contacts, lesson plans, resources, and events, provided by the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI)

Queens University
This site is a homepage hosted by Queens Universtiy. It seems to be a book which has 12 chapters. You can click on a chapter to read a portion.


Winters Joint Unified School District
Peer tutoring program: Winters Joint Unified School District, Winters, CA (Yolo County) Grades K-12, ADA 1,962

Peer tutoring: Lake Washington High School, Benjamin Rush Elementary School
School Improvement Research Series (SIRS)
This site profiles the application of peer tutoring at two American schools. It lists and describes the criteria that make for effective practice.

Peer and cross-age tutoring
School Improvement Research Series (SIRS)
This a good site if you are wishing to get an overview of the issues, positives and negatives of using this approach. The author makes a strong case for its potential to promote social and creative values intrinsic to positive human relationships and healthy human functioning.

Here are some other Peer Tutoring sites tht may be helpful. The one that is the most helpful is at the bottom.

Centre for Paired Learning: lists numerous resources

Peer Assisted Learning: a book

The Counselling Foundation of Canada
This is the website of The Counselling Foundation of Canada. The site’s home page lists 21 peer tutoring studies and brief descriptions of their findings. The Table of Contents includes links to definitions, potential benefits, how to set up a peer mentoring program, and research studies done in order to find out if peer mentoring programs work.

Tip Sheets: Positive Ways of Intervening with Challenging Behavior
This site, titled “Tip Sheets: Positive Ways of Intervening with Challenging Behavior”, explains peer tutoring as a proactive intervention for the classroom. It was developed to help teachers and parents provide the best educational opportunities to students with emotional and behavioral disorders. The site includes an introduction to peer tutoring, who should be tutors and how to train them, how to initiate peer tutoring, ideas for using peer tutoring, and so on.

Collaborative Learning

Digital Library and Archives
This study examined the effectiveness of individual learning versus collaborative learning in enhancing drill-and-practice skills and critical-thinking skills. The subject matter was series and parallel dc circuits.

Implementing Collaborative Learning
How does Collaborative Learning actually work in a classroom and how do students react to it? A Brief Reflection.

Rubrics, Lesson Plans and Other Forms has worksheet, graphic organizer and rubric samples.

Resources for Exceptional Learners

SEDOL has online resources for disabilities.
resources for special needs learners

NACG National Association for Gifted Children has links to further resources.