Interdisciplinary Sites


CTAP Early Reading-Technology Project

This Web site assists teachers with the integration and management of technology in the early reading curriculum.

Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway

This site provides teachers of math and science useful resources that can be taken back to the classroom and used to enhance student learning.

The Leonardo Museum

This is the official web page of the Museum of Leonardo. Visitors can take a virtual tour of the exhibits and locate geographical, historical, and biographical information. | An Educator Resource providing lesson plans, tips and more...

This is a resource site containing many resources for different subject areas. It includes many listservs.

The Mathematical Art of MC Escher

This site shows how math is not as abstract as many think. Some of the art we are most familiar with (i.e., that of MC Escher) was designed within a mathematical framework.

Multidisciplinary Resource Units

We're all pretty much in agreement that multidisciplinary study can make learning more meaningful for students. Tech teachers are looking to curriculum in the development of projects, while classroom teachers are looking for ways that students can use technology to access information and demonstrate knowledge. It all comes together here! Lessons that bring together multiple disciplines and technology.This is a starting point for teachers, basic information, with no bells and whistles. You can search the lessons and units database or link to the Technology Integration page. There is a bibliography and an opportunity to submit your lessons for inclusion.