School Web Pages

School Web Page- Welcome to Sherwood School!

I think that the site is exemplary because it is informative (info in both Spanish and English), engaging, and many parts of the site are child centered. The site has many parts created by the students. It is kept updated constantly.

Jack London Middle School WebSite

This is a wonderful school site. The site has a wonderful design and it very clear and attractive. The content is incredible, the curriculum is available for parents to read.

Welcome to Glen Ellyn School District 41

There were many things at this site which included: district news, school board info, school calendar, and resources. I really like the resource section. This included a lot of links to other places. It also included fun links to other places that I'm sure l had something to do with the units of study, but didn't say so. There is also a tech support for parents and an easy way to contact someone.

PHS Home Page

The only area HS with constant updates.

Eastern Center for Arts & Technology

Very well organized and visually engaging web site. Its simplicity is its best feature. What a cool school! Secondary and beyond.