Rubrics and Evaluation of Web Sites


This site has many, many rubrics to choose from for different subject areas.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Evaluation Article

This is Kathy Schrock's list of links and articles dealing with evaluating web sites. There are many links to child centered web site evaluating rubrics. I could see using (several of) these rubrics with my students to evaluate the web sites that we are using in class.

Web Page Evaluation Criteria

This is a simple rubric listed among the choices at Kathy Schrock's site. It seems to have all the information necessary so that students and educators could effectively evaluate a web page they were planning on using.

Critically Analyzing Information

This site shows how to critically analyze information sources on the Wed pages/sites.

Evaluation Rubrics for Websites

This site has three different website rubrics at three different levels.

Checklist for an Informational Web Page

Questions to ask yourself when designing an informational web page. It is an OK site.

Evaluating Web Pages-Mansfield Library

This web page from the University of Montana's Mansfield Library is a guide for students to evaluate the usefulness, reliability and appropriateness of web pages as resources for research. It gives a good breakdown of types of web pages, and links to examples. It also offers a good evaluation checklist. Good for secondary.

SCORE: Web Page Design Rubric

This is an actual rubric for assessing web pages designed by students. Criteria is presented for Creation Skills (HTML), Page Layout, and Navigation. The main site SCORE (Schools of California Online Resources for Education) is definitely worth browsing.

Web Evaluation for Secondary Grades

This is a Rubric and Evaluation tool used to evaluate Web Pages. This site is specific for the secondary education student and teacher.This site gives you a clear understanding what to expect when creating or evaluating a web page.